Methods of Foliar Surface Determination along the Ontogenetic Cycle on Apple Trees


  • Valerian BALAN Agrarian State University of Moldova, 42 Mircesti Street, Chisinau, MD 2049, Moldavia (MD)



This study aimed at determining the evolution of foliar surface in different types of annual branches of apple using different methods of foliar surface determination. The investigations were carried out in the intensive orchard of Didactic Experimental Station Criuleni, Moldavia. The observations were made on the cultivar Golden Delicious grafted on an M4 rootstock, and planted at 5 x 3 m distances, along the main four periods of ontogenetic cycle (growth, growth and fructification, fructification and growth, fructification). The trees were formed by the free growing palmette type. The leaf surface area was determined for all trees considered through measuring and numbering. In order to determine the dimension of the foliar surface, all types of annual shoots were measured. In addition, the quantity of leaves on the annual shoots and on the spurs was determined. Using the existing data, the leaf surface area for tree and area unit was calculated. Leaf area in the trees, during ontogenesis, was 3.26-29.9 m/tree, respectively 2.1-10.92 m/tree on the shoots and 1.16-23.7 m/tree on the spurs, spears and old spur systems.




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BALAN, V. (2010). Methods of Foliar Surface Determination along the Ontogenetic Cycle on Apple Trees. Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca, 38(3), 219–222.



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DOI: 10.15835/nbha3835398