Application of Numerical Taxonomy to Lip Morphology in the Genus Polystachya Hook (Orchidaceae) in Nigeria

Abayomi Ezekiel FALORUNSO, Adeniyi Akanni JAYEOLA


SCLA, a numerical taxonomic method was applied to lip morphology in the genus Polystachya Hook. (Orchidaceae) in Nigeria. The basic data matrix was prepared by coding for the presence or absence of the attributes of characters involved. The data were standardized so that the values of a particular character were transformed into values ranging from zero to one. The SCLA showed that reproductive characters are much better than the vegetative characters earlier used in the distribution of Polystachya species into their sections. In the case of reproductive characters, more clusters were reported; this may be an indication of more sections in Polystachya than those earlier reported.

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June 1, 2018: Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca in Scopus ElsevierCiteScore 2017=0.78,Horticulture; Agronomy and Crop Science; Plant Science