The effect of seed priming with UV and gamma rays on the growth, production, and storage ability of cauliflower heads


  • Hossam S. EL-BELTAGI King Faisal University, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Agricultural Biotechnology Department, Al-Ahsa 31982; Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Biochemistry Department, Giza 12613 (SA)
  • Ghada A. TAWFIC Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Vegetable Crops Department, Giza 12613 (EG)
  • Said A. SHEHATA Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Vegetable Crops Department, Giza 12613 (EG)
  • Shaimaa R. ALI Cairo University, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES) (EG)
  • Osama A. ABDEL HAMID Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center (EG)
  • Abd El-Rahman A. AHMED Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center (EG)
  • Mohamed M. EL-MOGY Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Vegetable Crops Department, Giza 12613 (EG)



gamma rays, growth, seed priming, storage, quality, UV-A, UV-C


The goal of the current study was to evaluate the effects of gamma ray, UV-C, UV-A (ultraviolet) treatments as seed priming on the growth, yield, quality, and the storage ability of cauliflower heads. The seeds were exposed to the following treatments: 50 and 75 kGy (gamma ray), UV-C for 15, 30, 45 minutes, and UV-A for 15, 30, 45 minutes. Plant growth and yield parameters were evaluated at the harvest time. The cauliflower heads from previous treatments were stored at 5° C for 16 days to evaluate their shelf-life traits. The results indicated that gamma ray, UV-C, and UV-A treatments enhanced the plant growth characteristics including plant height, leaf length, number of leaves, plant fresh weight, SPAD reading, and plant dry weight. Additionally, the cauliflower seeds treated with different treatments showed higher total yield, head diameter, and head weight than the control plants. The storage ability including weight loss, total soluble solids, and antioxidant capacity during refrigerated storage of cauliflower heads was not affected by the different treatments, however UVA treatment enhanced vitamin C and phenolic compounds compared to the control.


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