Comparative anatomy and pollen morphology of two endemic Noccaea species (Brassicaceae) and their taxonomic significance




box plot, endemic, Noccaea, pollen, Trkiye


This study was conducted for extensive and systemic investigation of anatomical, palynological and seed morphological properties of two endemic Noccaea species, naturally growing in Turkey. Independent sample T-test and box plot were carried out using quantitative characters of the studied species. The anatomical results showed that the species had similar characteristics, though there were significant differences in root cortex cells and trachea; stem epidermis, cortex cell and endodermis; leaf upper and lower epidermis, lower cuticle, mesophyll and palisade parenchyma.  Pollen grains of two endemic species were observed as radially symmetric, isopolar, with tricolpate aperture, prolate pollen shape and had small size. Pollen surface ornamentation was micro-reticulate in both species. Considering palynological characters, equatorial axis, AMB exine and intine have taxonomic importance. Seeds of N. birolmutlui were ovate to orbicular in shape and orange-brown in color, with colliculate ornamentation; however, the seeds of N. camlikensis were ovate to oblong in shape and brown and shiny in color, with colliculate-reticulate ornamentation.


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