Plant Root Hair Growth in Response to Hormones

Dejian ZHANG, Chunyan LIU, Yujie YANG, Qiangsheng WU, Yeyun LI


Plant root hair is tubular projections from the root epidermis. Its can increase root surface area, which is very important for nutrients and water uptake as well as interaction with soil microorganisms. In this short review, we discussed the effects of hormones (auxin, ethylene, jasmonic acid, methyl jasmonate, strigolactones, and brassinosteroids) on root hair growth. It was highlight the interaction between auxin and ethylene on root hair growth. Furthermore, the mechanisms of jasmonic acid, methyl jasmonate, strigolactone and brassinosteroids on root hair growth may through auxin or ethylene signaling pathway partly. In future, more genes relating to root hair growth needed clone and elucidate their roles, as well as undertaking reverse genetics and mutant complementation studies to add the current knowledge of the signaling networks, which are involved in root hair growth that regulated by hormones.


auxin; brassinosteroids; ethylene; jasmonic acid; methyl jasmonate; root hair; strigolactones

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